Food & Beverage Outlet Options

Authenticity, quality, and imagination connect the multi-level gastronomic experience offered to its guests by Kresten Royal Euphoria Resort. Starting from the delicious Greek breakfast served in its flagship restaurant and ending with the inventive champagne cocktails that will accompany your sunset at the "11" bar. Intermediate stops include the delightful snack menu that awaits you on the sunbeds of its all-day pool bars and in the pleiad of Greek and Mediterranean flavours available in its restaurants. All you need to do is decide what you most desire to enjoy first.

General Premium All Inclusive Terms:

- The hotel offers the use of the "Thematic Restaurants", included in the PREMIUM ALL Inclusive program, instead of dinner at the main restaurant.

- A reservation is required, at least one day earlier, at the front desk or by using our hotel App.

- Alcohol consumption is allowed to adults only.

- A wide selection of beverages, as per the scheduled opening hours of the bars and restaurants. Each bar, has the "all inclusive" beverage menus available, in full detail of all choices included. All-inclusive items are marked.

- All drinks and food items are for personal consumption only and must be ordered one at a time. Drinks and food items may not be shared with a person not opted for the all-inclusive package.

- No take away service is included in the all-inclusive package.

- No compensation in cash or kind will be offered for non-consumed items.

- As per hotel selection - subject to modification.